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Shopify and Amazon Features

Generally speaking, when it comes to eCommerce and selling online, for any trader thereon, it needs no mention that some of the greatest platforms that you may want to consider going for as a matter of fact are Shopify or Amazon. In as much as it is a fact that either of these happen to be such massive platforms by performance, either moving sales figures in their billions and high volumes of transactions in them, the reality is that choosing one out of the two would be such a challenge anyway.

Looking at the fact that either of these platforms have such salient features that are as beneficial and setting them apart one from the other, it is a fact that the debate over the two may be one that can be so hard to resolve. This post takes a look at some of the details that help compare these two platforms so as to help you make an informed choice on which of the two would be most suitable for your needs.

Shopify Features will be what we take a look at first.

The one thing that must be known when it comes to the platform Shopify is, just as has been noted above, that this is one of the most powerful e-commerce platforms. On this platform, you will find some of the best plans, and these plans are as numerous, that would actually prove to suit your business no matter the size. On top of this, all of these plans happen to be coming with an array of tools that will be so effective and resourceful when it comes to the need to build your own online store and as well promote your products as much as you may have wished for.

Primarily, with Shopify you have the opportunity to create your own e-commerce website and have as many products on this site as you may want to. By and large, Shopify actually gets you such an unlimited bandwidth offer and online storage as well with no regards to the kind of plan you opt for. Still there are quite a number of other feature aspects about Shopify that should be known and some of these, to mention but a few, are such as the Manual Order feature, Online Sales Channel, Fraud Protection, Staff accounts, et cetera. But you need to note that these come with some monthly fees and as well, when it comes to marketing, with Shopify, this rests on you to provide for. Though the subscription feature is applicable to either of the platforms, read on here and see more on the key features on Amazon and as such know which one would be most suitable.